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23rd February 2020

Into the Woods - 7 weeks to go!

Rehearsals for Into the Woods are progressing exceptionally well and we are excited to be putting the whole show together now.

People are working hard at learning lines and rehearsing their songs but there is also lots going on behind the scenes.

David has had lots of great ideas for the scenery and has been trying to locate certain added extras! (Has anyone got a milky white cow?)

Robert has taken David’s ideas and is starting, with the help of Cliff, to turn those ideas into reality.

Simon has been driving all over the place to collect the things Robert needs and David locates!

Elizabeth is holding everything together, making sure everyone knows when they are called for rehearsal and that we have tea makers for all rehearsals and…

Sue and Cliff are starting to put together a front of house team!

On top of all of this we need to publicise the show so, taking advantage of the lovely weather, a small group of us went ‘Into the Woods!’

The photos we took will sent to all local newspapers and on social media sites. Can you help to publicise the show?

Hopefully all of this has whet your appetite for the show so why not book your tickets:

www.ticketsource.co.uk/letchworth-arcadians or call 07511 519387

  • A little glass of something before we go Into the Woods!

  • Making our way Into the Woods!

  • Getting Into the Woods - literally!!

  • Now we are really Into the Woods!

  • Don't mess with this wolf if you go Into the Woods!