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23rd February 2020

Cast List Announced for Into the Woods!

The cast list has been announced for Into the Woods and rehearsals are well into their early stages!

Narrator                     Kier Home

Cinderella                  Sophie Walker

Jack                           Freddie Goldscheider

Baker                          Wesley Hughes

Bakers Wife                Lucy Walker

Stepmother                  Elizabeth Shaw

Florida                          Rachel Bloomfield

Lucinda                         Paula Shairp

Jacks Mother                Stephanie Seal

Little Red                       Emily Woodhouse

Witch                              Gina Abbat

Cinderella's Mother        Heather Kynnersley

Mysterious Man             Robert Driver

Wolf / Cinderella's Prince      Simon Latter

Rapunzel                       Holly Jackson

Rapunzel's Prince          Dean Kirkbride

Grandmother                Jacquie Maddison

Giant                             Mary Driver

Steward                        Jonathan Fletcher

Ensemble                     Sue Card
                                     Margaret Dinmore
                                     Vicky Flynn
                                     Steve Gee-Finch
                                     Katie Higgins
                                     Melanie Plowman-Cobb
                                     Laura Rogers
                                     Dennis Rusted
                                     Helen Saunders

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