Letchworth Arcadians http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/ Letchworth Arcadians en-us© Copyright, Letchworth Arcadians. All Rights Reserved. Wed, 28 Oct 2020 23:40:45 +0000 Wed, 28 Oct 2020 23:40:45 +0000 Letchworth Arcadians60 Rescheduling of Annie http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=200 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=200 I hope that this letter finds you all well, safe and happy! ANNIE IS POSTPONED http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=199 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=199 Due to the on-going crisis with the Coronavirus, we have had to make the extremely difficult decision to postpone our forthcoming production of Annie. An Evening of Noscar Awards http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=197 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=197 We had a very entertaining evening on the 8th February at the Evening of Noscar Awards, hosted by Vicki Avery at Martin's Wood School Stevenage. Madagascar - THE NODA REVIEW http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=196 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=196 I was delighted to be able to join the Young Arcadians on their first night and review their production of Madagascar, A Musical Adventure. MARCH MADNESS! Priority Tickets for Annie http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=190 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=190 The box office is open and for the whole of March there is a priority tickets special price on all performances, all price categories. DON'T MISS OUT Purchase tickets for forthcoming productions http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=183 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=183 You can purchase tickets for forthcoming productions online or via the fee-free booking hotline. 40th Anniversary of Young Arcadians http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=182 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=182 2019 is the 40th Anniversary of Young Arcadians formally known as Junior Theatre Club. Pirates of Penzance - 3 weeks to go! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=181 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=181 With only 3 weeks to go until Show Week, rehearsals have really stepped up a gear! The Sound of Music http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=180 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=180 The Sound of Music has been cast for the adults and music rehearsals are underway! Young Arcadians present Pirates of Penzance http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=179 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=179 Rehearsals are going well for this classic Gilbert & Sullivan Operetta Autumn 2017 Announced! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=132 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=132 In Autumn 2017 we will be presenting The Sound of Movies at The Icknield Centre in Letchworth. Only 2 weeks to Show Week! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=131 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=131 There are now only two weeks left of rehearsals for our forthcoming production of Calamity Jane. Rehearsals are going well and everyone is being put through their paces by the production team. Iain Rutherford Memorial Cup http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=130 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=130 Today saw the inaugural presentation of the Iain Rutherford Memorial Cup to the most promising young performer in Young Arcadians. Letchworth Arcadians on Broadway! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=129 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=129 We are delighted to announce that Letchworth Arcadians will be appearing 'For One Night Only' at The Broadway Theatre Letchworth as part of the Letchworth Festival. Have you got your tickets for Calamity Jane? http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=127 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=127 There are only 4 weeks to go until our latest production Calamity Jane! Rehearsals are going well and everyone is working hard to put the show together. Oklahoma Success at NODA East Awards http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=126 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=126 NODA East held their annual award ceremony in St Ives on Sunday 9th April and Oklahoma came away with Best Musical in District 9 Hotline: 07511 519387 - No booking fee! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=125 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=125 Purchase tickets Contact Letchworth Arcadians http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=124 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=124 Find out how to contact any member of the Letchworth Arcadians team. NODA report from Little Shop of Horrors! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=123 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=123 We have now received the report from NODA following their visit to see Young Arcadians production of Little Shop of Horrors Little Shop of Horrors was a fantastic success! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=122 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=122 The title might indicate a horror show but it was far from that! Little Shop of Horrors was a great show! Opening Night of Little Shop of Horrors! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=121 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=121 The stage is set and the plants are cultivated, all we need now is an audience! Only a week to go! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=120 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=120 There is only a week until Little Shop of Horrors comes into full bloom! Last two weeks of rehearsals! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=119 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=119 There are only 2 weeks left until The Young Arcadians production of Little Shop of Horrors! It's that time again! Burns Night! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=118 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=118 Friday 27th January sees the Arcadians Annual Burns Supper! Calamity Jane Comes to Town! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=117 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=117 We had the first meeting for the talk through of Calamity Jane on Tuesday 10th and people seemed very keen! Young Arcadians present Little Shop of Horrors! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=116 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=116 We are only 5 weeks away from The Young Arcadians production of Little Shop of Horrors and rehearsals are going well. Young Arcadians present Little Shop of Horrors http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=115 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=115 We are only 5 weeks away from The Young Arcadians production of Little Shop of Horrors and rehearsals are going well. Latest Newsletter from Letchworth Arcadians http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=114 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=114 Well the nights are certainly drawing in and there is a definite nip in the air! That can only mean one thing ... Arcadians Christmas Concert is just around the corner! Letchworth Arcadians on Tour! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=113 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=113 It has been a very busy couple of days this week. Not only are we rehearsing for our Christmas Concert this coming week - 15th & 16th December at St Pauls Church Letchworth, but we have been much in demand by the shoppers in Letchworth and Welwyn! The Christmas Concert is a week away! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=112 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=112 The next week is going to be extremely busy in the world of Letchworth Arcadians!