Letchworth Arcadians http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/ Letchworth Arcadians en-us© Copyright, Letchworth Arcadians. All Rights Reserved. Sun, 23 Feb 2020 08:30:16 +0000 Sun, 23 Feb 2020 08:30:16 +0000 Letchworth Arcadians60 An Evening of Noscar Awards http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=197 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=197 We had a very entertaining evening on the 8th February at the Evening of Noscar Awards, hosted by Vicki Avery at Martin's Wood School Stevenage. A New Year a New Show! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=196 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=196 Young Arcadians are well into the final month of rehearsals for Madagascar! Sounds of Christmas http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=195 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=195 Rehearsals are well on the way for our exciting Christmas Concert to be performed this December. Young Arcadians present Madagascar http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=193 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=193 19th - 22nd February 2020 Young Arcadians embark upon their Spring 2020 show! Madagascar! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=192 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=192 Young Arcadians have started rehearsals for their Spring 2020 show and this year they are presenting Madagascar! Show week is upon us! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=191 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=191 The scenery arrived today and the stage crew have worked incredibly hard putting it all together! The Hills are alive with the Sound of Music! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=190 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=190 3 weeks to go until the Hills of Letchworth are Alive with The Sound of Music! Young Arcadians are to present Seussical http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=189 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=189 The YA Production Team are delighted to announce we are presenting Seussical next February! The Hills are alive with the Sound of Music! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=188 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=188 Rehearsals are now in full swing for the Spring production from The Letchworth Arcadians! Arcadians' Quiz Night http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=187 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=187 Come and join in the social event of the year! Arcadians' Quiz Night http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=186 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=186 Come and join in the social event of the year! NODA Review of Pirates of Penzance http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=185 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=185 We were delighted to welcome Angie Frost to the Opening Night of Pirates of Penzance and she has now sent this review: One week to Pirates of Penzance! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=184 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=184 There are two more rehearsals and Young Arcadians are getting very excited! Purchase tickets for forthcoming productions http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=183 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=183 You can purchase tickets for forthcoming productions online or via the fee-free booking hotline. 40th Anniversary of Young Arcadians http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=182 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=182 2019 is the 40th Anniversary of Young Arcadians formally known as Junior Theatre Club. Pirates of Penzance - 3 weeks to go! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=181 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=181 With only 3 weeks to go until Show Week, rehearsals have really stepped up a gear! The Sound of Music http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=180 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=180 The Sound of Music has been cast for the adults and music rehearsals are underway! Young Arcadians present Pirates of Penzance http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=179 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=179 Rehearsals are going well for this classic Gilbert & Sullivan Operetta What a busy weekend! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=178 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=178 It has been non-stop Christmas for Arcadians this weekend! Official NODA report is in http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=175 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=175 Richard Fitt stood in for our local NODA rep and came to see The Sound of Movies II. The curtain comes down on The Sound of MoviesII! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=174 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=174 We were delighted with the final performances of Sound of MoviesII and the show was certainly well received by NODA. The last week of rehearsals! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=173 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=173 We are now into the last week of rehearsals and the show is looking and sounding great! Early Bird Ticket Offer http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=172 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=172 If you have a flyer from Into the Woods which advertisers Sound of Movies you have a great offer! Pirates of Penzance - Let the fun commence! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=171 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=171 Rehearsals started this week for the Young Arcadians production of Pirates of Penzance! Sound of Movies II - rehearsals have started! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=170 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=170 Rehearsals have started for Sound of Movies II under the watchful and tuneful gaze of David and Matt! Into the Woods - review http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=169 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=169 The Letchworth Arcadians have been pleasing audiences for 65 years and their recent production of Stephen Sondheim’s ‘Into The Woods’, at St. Christopher’s school theatre, was another great example of their long standing success. Young Arcadians start production of Pirates of Penzance http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=168 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=168 Rehearsals begin this Saturday for Young Arcadians' next production First review in from Into the Woods http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=167 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=167 Eric Smart came to the show on opening night and shared his thoughts with us all! It’s Show Week! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=164 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=164 All the hard work from the last 6 month now starts to come together as we enter Show Week! Into the Woods – Last two weeks of rehearsals! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=163 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=163 We are now putting the finishing touches to Into the Woods as we enter the last 2 weeks of rehearsals.