Letchworth Arcadians http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/ Letchworth Arcadians en-us© Copyright, Letchworth Arcadians. All Rights Reserved. Thu, 15 Nov 2018 23:44:43 +0000 Thu, 15 Nov 2018 23:44:43 +0000 Letchworth Arcadians60 Early Bird Ticket Offer http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=172 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=172 If you have a flyer from Into the Woods which advertisers Sound of Movies you have a great offer! Pirates of Penzance - Let the fun commence! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=171 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=171 Rehearsals started this week for the Young Arcadians production of Pirates of Penzance! Sound of Movies II - rehearsals have started! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=170 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=170 Rehearsals have started for Sound of Movies II under the watchful and tuneful gaze of David and Matt! Into the Woods - review http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=169 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=169 The Letchworth Arcadians have been pleasing audiences for 65 years and their recent production of Stephen Sondheim’s ‘Into The Woods’, at St. Christopher’s school theatre, was another great example of their long standing success. Young Arcadians start production of Pirates of Penzance http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=168 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=168 Rehearsals begin this Saturday for Young Arcadians' next production First review in from Into the Woods http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=167 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=167 Eric Smart came to the show on opening night and shared his thoughts with us all! The Sound of Movies II http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=166 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=166 29th November - 1st December 2018 The Icknield Centre Letchworth The Sound of Music http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=165 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=165 29th May - 1st June 2019 St Christopher School Theatre It’s Show Week! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=164 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=164 All the hard work from the last 6 month now starts to come together as we enter Show Week! Into the Woods – Last two weeks of rehearsals! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=163 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=163 We are now putting the finishing touches to Into the Woods as we enter the last 2 weeks of rehearsals. Into the Woods Five weeks to go! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=162 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=162 This week will see us move into May and our final push for Into the Woods. Into the Woods - 7 weeks to go! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=161 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=161 Rehearsals for Into the Woods are progressing exceptionally well and we are excited to be putting the whole show together now. Letchworth Arcadians Anniversary Ball http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=160 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=160 To celebrate the 65th Anniversary of Letchworth Arcadians, we are hosting a ball at the Broadway Hotel on 28th April 2018 Into the Woods Into Rehearsals! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=159 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=159 I called into rehearsals for Into the Woods on Tuesday and was blown away by the opening scenes! Cast List Announced for Into the Woods! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=157 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=157 The cast list has been announced for Into the Woods and rehearsals are well into their stages! Into the Woods - initial rehearsal dates: http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=153 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=153 Make sure the following dates are in your diary! Into the Woods - Monologue pieces http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=152 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=152 These are the audition pieces for Into the Woods. Into the Woods - Character profiles http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=151 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=151 Find out about the different characters who appear in Into the Woods! Into the Woods story outline http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=150 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=150 Starting with the words "Once Upon a Time," the Narrator introduces four characters who each have a wish: Cinderella, the daughter of a wealthy man who has been reduced by her wicked stepmother and stepsisters into becoming their skivvy... Rehearsals are about to start for INTO THE WOODS! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=149 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=149 We are about to start with Into the Woods which is our Spring production to be presented at St Christopher School May 30th - 2nd June 2018 Arcadians Musical Christmas! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=148 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=148 Thank you to everyone who came along and sang Christmas Carols us in Morrisons this year. The curtain comes down on The Sound of Movies! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=147 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=147 Well, that’s the end of another show and as we look back on it, we are really pleased with how the whole production came together. Latest Newsletter from Letchworth Arcadians http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=146 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=146 Find out what has been happening in the world of Letchworth Arcadians The Sound of Movies! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=145 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=145 Rehearsals are going well for this 'Extravaganza' and tickets are now on sale The Sound of Movies! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=144 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=144 Rehearsals are going well for this 'Extravaganza' and tickets are now on sale! Seussical Cancelled http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=143 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=143 It is with great regret that we have to report that due to unforeseen circumstances The Young Arcadians production of Seussical! has been cancelled. End of an Era http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=141 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=141 On Tuesday 12th September 2017 Roger Newman Turner handed over the office of Presidency to Margaret Dinmore A Selection of Photographs from Calamity Jane! http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=140 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=140 A Selection of Photographs from our 2017 production of Calamity Jane! The Sound of Movies http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=138 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=138 Rehearsals have started for this showcase of Arcadians talents! At the end of November, into December Letchworth Arcadians will be presenting a celebration of Iconic movie hits from the silver screen! Letchworth Arcadians AGM http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=137 http://www.letchworth-arcadians.co.uk/more.php?codeID=137 The Annual General Meeting of Letchworth Arcadians will be held on Tuesday 25th July 2017