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Letchworth Arcadians is one of the premiere amateur operatic societies in the East of England.
23rd February 2020

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  8 Feb 2020
An Evening of Noscar Awards
We had a very entertaining evening on the 8th February at the Evening of Noscar Awards, hosted by Vicki Avery at Martin's Wood School Stevenage. more>>
  1 Mar 2019
NODA Review of Pirates of Penzance
We were delighted to welcome Angie Frost to the Opening Night of Pirates of Penzance and she has now sent this review: more>>
  16 Dec 2018
What a busy weekend!
It has been non-stop Christmas for Arcadians this weekend! more>>
  7 Dec 2018
Official NODA report is in
Richard Fitt stood in for our local NODA rep and came to see The Sound of Movies II. more>>
  7 Dec 2018
The curtain comes down on The Sound of MoviesII!
We were delighted with the final performances of Sound of MoviesII and the show was certainly well received by NODA. more>>
  9 Sep 2018
Into the Woods - review
The Letchworth Arcadians have been pleasing audiences for 65 years and their recent production of Stephen Sondheim’s ‘Into The Woods’, at St. Christopher’s school theatre, was another great example of their long standing success. more>>
  10 Jun 2018
First review in from Into the Woods
Eric Smart came to the show on opening night and shared his thoughts with us all! more>>
  7 Jan 2018
Into the Woods - Character profiles
Find out about the different characters who appear in Into the Woods! more>>
  7 Jan 2018
Into the Woods story outline
Starting with the words "Once Upon a Time," the Narrator introduces four characters who each have a wish: Cinderella, the daughter of a wealthy man who has been reduced by her wicked stepmother and stepsisters into becoming their skivvy... more>>
  17 Dec 2017
Arcadians Musical Christmas!
Thank you to everyone who came along and sang Christmas Carols us in Morrisons this year. more>>